Life is beautiful if you know how to look at it!

Routine has become so common today that none of us realizes the true meaning of life. While we are joggling between our jobs and studies, love and relationships, struggle and success; it is important for us to understand where it is all heading to.

Amid the hubbub of daily life, we are forgetting who we really are. And to bring us back to ourselves, we must indulge in our passions.

So, why don't we start from where we began.

We came to this world as wanderers and whenever we find ourselves lost, that's where we can go. Travelling enriches your life with countless stories to narrate. And those, who cannot travel or are too lazy to travel can always go back to their bookshelves.

Travelling and reading are interconnected. One travels and writes his/her story. Or, one reads and travels through unexplored dimensions.

So, come ahead and travel to different locations with me. Or, just pick up a book and delve into a different world altogether.

To get interesting travel tips, short travelogues, exciting excursion narrations, and book recommendations, you can check out the "Read It Now" section of Ms. Travelogueist.

Bon voyage avec un livre à vos côtés!

Travel! Read! Learn! Read!

Well, that's my way of dealing with life. I travel, read and learn and then read again. It's either about travelling or about reading for me. If you connect with me, then why don't you hear some of my views and tell me some of yours.

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